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Monday, January 23, 2012

Finally, I can run my new website now and you are the first person that I inform :) Well,  it is still very new and I am still managing the store as I am going to sell crafts materials etc. It's a painful work honestly because I have to deal with our very bad internet connection here :P But I'm very thankful to my hubby for helping me and for being very patient dealing with this connection problem. Yeahh, I'm not that clever when it comes to computer or internet troubleshooting.. I'm so lucky to marry him :)

 My previous website and name "Caramel Crafts" is no longer used and I have changed it with "Plumeria Crafts". It's like having a new baby :) this is something that I have to maintain carefully and consistently. I just hope that this time I will not screw it up. I hope that I will be able to face all the obstacles that may come. My new website is very much different then what I had before. This time I centralized all freebies that you can download directly along with free e-cards and the sentiment. The collections are still not much yet but of course I will keep on adding and updating it. I really hope that there will not be any problems with the web and hopefully soon I will be able to activate the store too :)

So, here is the link to my new website:

Will be glad if you can visit it and give your feedback. Now I have to go to sleep and prepare for work tomorrow as it's already 4 am here :P Outside is now raining heavily and I can hear the wind is singing loudly.. a bit scarry.

Take care everyone, enjoy your day and thank you so much for reading my post! :)


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  1. punya website baru yang isinya freebies e-cards, bebas download juga mbak ika??? huaaaaaaah, asyiiiik donk...aku akan sering2 mampir.

    sip sip....selamat ya mbak, semoga laris maniiissss....dan tahun naga bawa keberuntungan utk mbak Ika dan keluarga.


  2. Amiiinnn.. makasih ya susan ya baik :) semoga tahun baru ini membawa segala kebaikan buat susan and keluarga yah.. :)


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