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Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

It's been long time since the last time I updated my blog.. I've been busy at work and at home enjoying motherhood hehe.. And I have to postpone my drawing hobby since my pen tip tablet is broken.. so must save some money before I can get the new one :P 

Also I'm so sorry that I had missed Easter Day, although I know it's too very late but I wish you had a great day celebrating the Easter with all of your family and friends!

Well, today I cannot write much, just want to upload one of my latest creations which I made months ago :P I have so many leftover papers and I decided to make crib toys for my baby daughter. It's very simple and easy to make.. good for those who love budget friendly toys hehe.. Actually you can make it out of material such as felt or cloth, but for me I love using leftover paper :) One thing that I really enjoy is that my baby loves it very much and that is the most important thing for me hehe..

Ok, this is all for now, if you'd like to see the tutorial, you can find it HERE.

Take care everyone and enjoy your crafting day!! :) 

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