Turning Small Envelopes into Big Envelopes :D

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hello friends,

Hope you're doing fine! Well, you know how much I love to recycle :D So on this lovely morning, I just like to upload my ideas on turning a small envelope into a big envelopes :) Yep, it's very simple hehe.. This is actually very useful for me to press my expense on purchasing big envelopes. Therefore, I have been collecting small envelopes which I got from my friends or families, this way I can also recycle them but still use its function as envelopes :) 



I made big envelopes by breaking all small envelopes and use their blank part on the inside. Attached and glued them one by one, depending on how big I want them to be. Making some cut as needed and voila, I got a big envelope hehe.. Ofcourse I can draw this blank parts but I leave it blank so it is easy for me to write down the address. These envelopes are very useful for me if I have to pack big documents. 

You can try this at home too to safe expenses :)
Happy Weekend!

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