Alphabet banner from felt

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Hello friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful day today whether at work or at home! 
Last weekend, I had lovely time with my baby daughter. In one morning she woke up and then said to me that she wanted to go to school :) Well, I wish I could send her to school but since this poor 2-year-old girl cannot go anywhere and stuck with her mom, so I asked her to play alphabet hehe..

So then together we made alphabet banner to put in her bedroom :) I'm glad that she loves making it and really enjoying the process.

The alphabet banner is very simple and easy to make. I only cut the felt using scissor to make the flags and the alphabet. Hand sew the flag and insert the rope to hang it on the wall.

Thank you for your visit and take care! :)

Hugs, Ika

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