Seclusion Day - Hari Raya Nyepi 1937

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Saka New Year 1937 for all my Hindu friends in Bali! I hope that this year's Seclusion Day will bring peace to you and your families :)

Right now, I'm writing this blog in the dark. My Hindu friends are doing Brata Rituals (one of rituals in Nyepi Day) started earlier this morning from 6.00 AM until tomorrow morning at 6.00 AM. Other rituals called: Amati Geni (no fire or light which also means no electricity), Amati karya (no work), Amati Lelunganan (no travelling or walking on the street) and Amati Lelanguan (fasting and no self-entertainment). I don't celebrate this Nyepi Day but we honor their holy day by following the rules and all activities on this island is closed since yesterday. 

 Below is Nyepi Day card that I made yesterday:

I draw Bali island from the magazine

Using carbon paper to draw it on a black cardstock

As for the "poleng" black and white square background, I draw and color it manually using a black drawing pen

And as for the sentiment, I used dew drop silver ink and gold and alphabet stamp. Unfortunately the ink didn't seem to attach well on the stamp, so I actually feel quite disappointed with the result and I do need more practice :)

Thank you for stopping by here and see you again soon!

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  1. Ika clever idea to make that Pulau Bali
    kapan2 mau ikutan Ide nya Ika
    clever made and I love your card simple and adorable
    why dont you join some Anything Goes challenge? Who knows Ika bisa menang ...card nya manis dan beautiful
    big hugs and selamat weekend ya Ika

    1. Mbak Monika! Makasih banyak, silakan idenya dipakai bila bermanfaat :) mohon maaf aku sdh reply comment ini bbrp bln lalu, tadi iseng liat page comment ternyata kok malahan respondku ga ada :( thank you so much and so sorry ya mbak!


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