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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Hello there!

Hope you're doing great.. Today, I'm uploading one of my ATC card which I made to join the October Challenge of Mbak Dwita Fb and blog Crafter's Life in order to celebrate the World Card Making Day 2015.

I actually found out about the "Friendship" few days before the due date. So, I rushed and created this simple ATC. I use kraft paper, hand draw the two girls image with drawing pen and use Prisma Color Pencil for the coloring (which I'm still learning to do it :P) and for last touch, I used word stamps from Stampendous for the words "my and Friend" and Kaiser Craft Christmas Sentiment for the "Love". Yep, I only have those stamps set and I always have to mix and match them :D

Alhamdulillah, Thank you God! I'm glad that my creation is among the top 10 which is at no.7 (my lucky number actually :D:D). Guess what I got, whole bunch of great stuff!!!! From Mbak Dwita, a kit for November challenge and also I got a beautiful handmade bag created by herself and a Magnolia stamp!! I am so excited!! Coz believe it or not, this is my first ever and the one and only Magnolia stamp that I ever have in my life!!!! :D :D  And that the bag I use it to keep my make-up tools, yeaahh I usually don't use make-up bag, but now I have one that is so lovely!!! Also I got stuff such as lovely sequins from Mbak Hanny, flower punch from Mbak Judith and other lovely stuff an ATC card from Mbak Nova!

I am so excited and thank you so much for lovely people who voted for me.. GBU! :) And most of all, thank so much for Mbak Dwita for your generosity, hard work and effort for making these challenge possible! and thank you for the sponsors.. you all really made my day! :)

Thanks to you friends for reading this! 
Love you all and see you soon! *kiss and hug* :)

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  1. Hope you enjoy all the goodies. Thanks for joining the October Challenge. ALso, enjoy your first Magnolia ever.. :D

    1. AAhh I surely enjoy all the goodies, mbak! thank you so much.. especially for the Magnolia one :D


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