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Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Hello there..

Today I'm posting my first doodle creation. I have been interested in doodling since I saw one of my friend's creations on her IG @rinirusli. Doodling is actually fun and it quite relaxing too. So for those of you who wants to learn how to draw, doodling can be a good option. There are some name style in doodling and you can find millions of inspirations on the net for doodle.

 Well, below is my creation, I don't know what style I'm in but I think I'll call it free style doodle :D 
I write down my favorite quotes from the movie "The White Squall" years ago. 
For doodling I used 0.2 pen and Staedler marker pens.

closer look on the details

My friend said that I have to frame this.. 
maybe I will but I do think I still need to learn how to doodle :)

Thanks for stopping by, take care and see you!

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