Paper Crib Toys

Hello all!! This easy tutorial is dedicated to all mothers who love budget friendly toys and enjoy recycling leftover papers at the same time :)


Cookie Cutter
Leftover papers
Leftover cloth

1. Draw a pattern (draw a reflection for every pattern) on the leftover paper using pencil and a cookie cutter

2. Cut the paper with scissor and fold it

3. Make a small knot with thread
4. Insert the needle into the middle of the pattern and let the knot hold it. Repeat this step until you get at least five patterns in one arrangement

5. Cut two small stick (I'm using a small broom stick) and use glue to cover them out with leftover cloth. Then cross the stick and tie them up
6. Tie each pattern arrangement you made on step 4 on the edge of the stick

Finish!!! you've just created an easy peasy paper crib toys.. 
Now hang it on the crib and enjoy watching your adorable baby play with it :)   

Happy Crafting!