DIY Stencil from plastic snack pack

 Hello friends,

Hope everything is going well with your life! Really sorry I was out of radar for few weeks :) but now I'm back to refresh my blog hehe.. Today I just would like to share an idea on making your own stencil from snack pack. Another way to recycle actually :) 

Well, to be honest, I do suggest you to use proper tool for all your crafts projects. However, if you are on tight budget like myself then it's best to scan your house and find any material to get you start creating your own tool. So here's how I made my own stencil:

I love cheese snack called "Chees'kress" and when I bought it I noticed that the packaging has really cute pattern on it. So next time if you buy some snacks check out the pattern on its packaging, sometimes they have those lovely pattern that you may use :)

This is very easy peasy step, use a scissor to cut the packing as desired (I cut the whole shape)

 Then, use a cutter to cut the pattern one by one and create a hole on it. Do it carefully so you don't cut the whole pattern. This plastic packing was thick and therefore is strong but bad thing is it's bit difficult to cut. Once you're done, make sure to clean up the excess with cutter or small scissor.

That's it, it's ready to use and you can see the result as shown on top.