Simple Ribbon Flower 1

Hello there!
What would you do if you only have one metre of ribbon? 
Well, you can use it to wrap a small tiny gift Or you can make a beautiful small flower which I think a better option. So here's a tutorial I made to create a very basic and simple ribbon flower which I hope will be useful for you all :)

What you need:
- 1 meter ribbon (can be organza, cotton etc.)
- Needle and thread
- A cute button

1. Twist the ribbon to the left side to make a small loop

2. Sew at the bottom to strengthened it

3. Repeat step no. 1 five times or depends on your preferences 

4. Cut the remain ribbon, sew the last loop and add a cute button in the middle

Voila!! you get a simple yet cute ribbon flower to add on your cards :)