Greeting Card from an old Newspaper

Hi there,
Here is the tutorial recipe for my “do it yourself” weekend project which you can try at home :)

Old newspaper
Old cover magazine 
Scissors/Cutter knife

How to make:

1.       Cut an old cover magazine into a card size (can be A6 or depends on your preference)

2.       When finish, double taped both back and front of the card and cover it with old newspaper (I’m using double tape because it will have a better result than using liquid glue)

3.       Now make a small flower to decorate the card by cutting the newspaper about 5-7 cm wide and 25-30 cm long.

4.       Fold the newspaper about 0,5 cm and repeat until finish

5.       Carefully tide on the center with thread 

6.       Carefully open the flowers and unite the ends with double tape or glue. Cover the center with small cut of newspaper

7.       Put three matches on top of the flower using double tape

8.       Make ribbons out of thread by rolling it several times on your fingers

9.       Carefully tide the center of thread and voila, you just created a small ribbon :)

10.   Put the thread ribbon on top of the matches

11.   Now for the finishing, make a ribbon look on the card front. Measure the ribbon look as you desire then cut another old magazine, cover it with old newspaper accordingly (same as step 1 & step 2). 

13.   Last step is to put the “ribbon look” paper and the flower on the card front..
14.   Glue a photocopy paper inside the card to write your message

Enjoy your recycle greeting card and Have fun with it!! :)