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Friday, April 22, 2011

Now last but not least is her wedding ring box.. And thank you to my friend SUSAN for sending me some flower ribbons which are very useful and very beautiful!! thank you dear for your kindness! *big hugs*

I made this wedding ring tray on a very last minute just few hours before my flight departed to Java. It was very mixed feeling and chaotic situation because on that night we received news that my father-in-law had passed away. The problem was that I hadn't even started making this box as at first I wanted to make it carefully and the only thing ready was the tray but without cover :P So well, things were a bit chaotic when we had to rush to the airport that night and trying to get on the earliest flight for the next morning. Lucky we easily got the ticket and packed all of our stuff. Since we had to go to airport at 4 am so I decided not to sleep at all to be able to catch the flight and make the box :P And fortunately, I can still open my eyes and finished this box much more quickly than I thought :) 

I bought the pink ring box on a local store, then I used cotton and woven fabric for the tray. I added some flowers which given by my special friend Susan and I gave ivory ribbon underneath the box. And lastly I put those scrap pretty pink roses flower imitation :P Well, well, that's all for my special friend's wedding.. I love all these boxes but most importantly, I hope she and her husband loved them too! 

Congratulation for your Wedding, dear friend! May your marriage will last forever! :)   

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