Happy Independence Day to my country! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello all.. hope you're doing great! :) 
Today I'd like to upload few digital drawings that I made and some greeting cards too.. But first, I'm going to upload my newest digital drawing which was to celebrate the 67th Independence Day of our country on last August 17th! Yeaahh!!! Long live Indonesia :)

This year I draw a Gunungan, complete with symbols that describing how rich our country is well, it is far from perfect though :) Hmm I have no idea what "Gunungan" means in English. Gunungan is used by Indonesian traditional puppet show (wayang) which symbolized contents of the world. It is a puppet with a mountain shape and its contents. It is also used to starting and closing the show, to rising action, to acting as land, forest, to symbolizing forest, fire, wind, land, road etc following the Dalang (The Puppeteer). It is also use as a symbol that all puppet characters and the stories do contain high philosophy teaching on wisdom.

Myself, I'm using Gunungan to describe how rich our country is. So therefore, I draw fishes, trees, rice and chain (as a symbol of unity in diversity). Hoping that our government and the people realize that we are rich in everything so we must be able to use our nature wisely and human resources, be more independent, do more positive works, care more to unfortunate people, clean the corruptions and all dirty politicians from bottom to the top :P Thus, we can move forward to the challenging future. Otherwise, we'll be stuck here with nowhere to go except waiting to get more loans from other countries and put our country "On Sale"! Embarrasing.. but I think that's what has been happening now! :P

Anyway, I won't be complaining more about my country and its terrible political conditions. As I believe it happens in every country! I just feel grateful that so far despite of all the bad things here, I do love my country very much and I have so much hope in it! :) I will try as best as I can to support our local products and community coz for now that's the small thing I can do :)

Well, should you like to have this digital drawing, you can visit and download it freely at my online gallery HERE in jpg format. You can use it for your personal projects!

Okay, this is all for now! 
Thank you for visiting and take care of yourself! :)

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