Book Marker in less than one minute

Hi, there!! Hope you're doing great! Here's another easy peasy tutorial from me; a book marker from acetate/plastic. It takes only less than a minute to make it :)

Leftover acetate/plastic packaging
Rub On
Hole punch

1. Reuse some plastic packaging/acetate that you can find in some cotton packaging. The idea here is to reuse the plastic junk so it can be useful,

2. Put your rub on border on the plastic and 3. Rub it on the plastic using your scissor handle (you can also cut the rub on first before doing it or use it directly like I do

4. When finish; put another rub on image to the center of the plastic/acetate and then rub it on.

5. Punched hole on the top and put a white ribbon on. Voila, you've got yourself a lovely book marker in less than one minute and you save the environment by reusing the acetate :) hehe..

Enjoy and Happy Crafting all!