Celebrating Eid El Fitr 1432H! {+AI Factory blog hop info}

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy Eid El Fitr to all of my moslem friends and families around the globe!!! 

I hope you will forgive all of my mistakes (should there are any :) and all unpleasant things I've done which I may not realized! I hope that you and your family will always be showered by God's blessings! Amen.

I feel sooo happy after visiting my family although in a very short time! But well, it has been wonderful Eid El Fitr day for us, lots of laugh and fun ofcourse! I just hope God still give me another chance to meet Ramadhan month again next year :) There are soo many things I want to write here about my Eid El Fitr celebration, but unfortunately I'm too tired as I had just arrived at my house few hours ago and I didn't get the chance to sleep on the plane and now it's already 2.00 am here :P 
soo I think I have to postpone my story and will tell you all about it next time :)
OOhh, but before I go to bed, I just want to let you know that AI Factory graphics has a new website! And they are having a BLOG HOP to celebrate it with lots of fun gifts that you wouldn't want to miss! Remember and mark your calendar that the blog hop is starting from September 2nd until September 4th, so stay tune for the update! :)

Okay, I'm off to bed now! Thank you for visiting :)
See you all soon!!

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