Happy Idul Adha 1432 H!! :)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy Idul Adha 1432 H to all of my Moslem families and friends!! 
May God blesses us with so much love, joy and peace into our lives! Amen..

Here's a card I made to celebrate this special day'
My drawing theme is Qurban animals Camel, Lamb, Goat and Cow which are partying on heaven :) and I added a short sentiment too hehe.. Since I'm still learning to draw and to use Adobe Illustration so I have to say that I'm quite happy with the result hehehe..
For this card, I used Prisma Color Pencils for the coloring, Rose paper pattern from scraps that I collected :P then I used a wood embellishment and small organdy ribbon..

That's all and hope you had a good time celebrating Idul Adha this year and for those of you who are starting another working day tomorrow --that includes me-- 
Happy working and may the sun will always shine your days!!!

See you next time and I really appreciate you're stopping by here! 

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  1. Hihihiiiii...lucu juga nih mbak, abis kambing dan sapinya pesta terus disembelih ya...selanjutnya gantian kita deh yang pesta....btw...It's so cute card...


  2. Hihihiiiiiiiii....lucu banget mbak kartu ini...
    ditambah lagi bakat nggambar mbak Ika yang luar biasa, susan pingin banget bisa nggambar tapi apa daya deeeh...
    Gambarnya baguuuuus....


  3. Susan dearest, makasih banyak say! aku juga ga bisa gambar kok, ini pun cm hobi sekadarnya & masih harus belajar banyak, belum sempurna :P iya neh, hewan qurbannya party di surga dan kita2nya party di dunia :D dgn waktu barengan yahh hihihi. Hugs


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