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Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi everyone, how are you all? 
I have been missing you very much. Being away from my blog for so long has making my brain stuck. Well, I must restart and reload it again now on :)

What has been happening in my life lately? Hmm well, let's see last February I was so ready to run my crafts boutique and then all of the sudden something held me back from doing all the important things I must do.. Yep, suddenly something just switched off my energy and power.. My days were filled with nausea, vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, migraine, shortness of breath and sleep.. I thought I was too exhausted with my work volume at the office..

But then later in April that I found out that I'm 10 weeks pregnant! At first it was so surprising as I don't plan anything or neither pushing myself to having a baby although my hubby and I've been married for nearly 4 years. And the fact that I personally was afraid of having child. Maybe some pieces of my bad childhood experience is still remain in my subconscious :P Ahh but heyy, why should I complain about the bad things that happened to my childhood; coz there are so many happy things happened to me as well that I will always treasure. And all the bad things do not have to happen to my child, right? All that I must do is to make sure that my child will get better life and fill its life with lots of love and encouragement. Amen. :)

So yep after injecting myself with positive thoughts, endless support from my hubby, family, friends and throw all my fear away.. I begin to feel the excitement of being pregnant :)  Yes, the first trimester had really knocked me down, I just couldn't do any activities other than work. Those times of nausea, morning sickness and sleepy nights were the colors of my days. I could only staring at my laptop and cleaning the mess on my crafts desk, but after that I just don't wanna do anything. I was so easy to losing my temper and patience. Going to work was the hardest time but Coming home from work was my favorite thing yep coz I would just jumped up to bed and do nothing but sleep :) My sense of smell was so very sensitive that I hated vegetable oil so much!! I hated my perfume, bar soap, shampoo, fried food, meat and the smell of water :P I even hated the smell of grass!! (which is usually my favorite)  Oohh it was soo awful and terrible!!

Now that I am commencing to my 23rd weeks, things are getting far much better. Yesterday I begin to drawing again, cleaning up my e-mails and website, yes yes I must start again.. But One thing that I have never lost since few months ago is my eating behavior :D yep, I just keep eating and eating and gaining weight ooohhhh.. no more skinny image, no more S/M sizes clothes! I'm just as big as a zeppelin :D But I don't care, just have to find the spirit to work out after this!

And last week when doctor said that I'm going to have a baby girl, it feels so touching! Ooohhh I just hope she's gonna be a healthy girl :) My hubby is so very happy and so are my sisters coz it means we're gonna add another girl member to the family :)

Now I do realize it's an amazing feeling to having this little human growing inside of me. I feel so full of  blessings! I'm sure that all the mothers in this world feel the same excitement. It's just something that I can't describe, coz it's something that you have to experience it yourself. I just pray to all women out there who are trying so hard of having a baby that God will see your effort and answer your wishes.. Just be patience, I believe your time will come soon :)

Hmm it's already 4.50 am here and I must take a break, prepare myself for an early morning pray and things for my work today. I'm so glad it's Friday!! Oh, and if you love the image I made above, I'd be glad to share it with you, just let me know and I'll e-mail you the file so you can use it for your craft projects :)

Bye for now and I'll see you later soon, okay! Take Care!

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  1. Ikaaaa.... Congratulations to both of you! I'm very happy that you are carrying a baby to be. And, for sure, a baby girl is the most wonderful creature in the world. I experienced in having 3.. Take good care of your pregnancy, Ika.

  2. Mbak Dwitaaa dearest.. thank you so much for the support! I know you have 3 wonderful girls and they're so lucky to have you as the mother :) I hope I can be a very good mom just like you :)

  3. Halllloooooooooo Mbak Ika,
    seneng banget susan baca cerita ini...lama sih mbak Ika hilang kabar.
    Selamat ya mbak semoga ibu n anak sehat dan ntar melahirkan lancar.
    Susan ikut senang...

    Makasih juga, kemaren mbak Ika dah sempet mampir di blog Susan...:)

    Take care ya mbak....Tuhan berkati

    salam sayang dr Malang,

  4. Susaaaann yang baik :) terimakasih support dan doanya ya. mohon maaf jarang banget buka blog, semoga bisa mulai lagi nge-blog dlm wkt dekat :) take care juga susan! GBU and your family! Lots kisses and love from Bali :)


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