my new crafts boutique is running :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hi everyone,

I hope things are going well with you over there. Happy fasting for all Moslems in the world :) Hope this Ramadhan will bring lots of blessing to you and your family. Myself this year I don't do fasting due to my pregnancy. Yes, I have tried though but unfortunately it didn't work for me as I really can't stop eating :P

I'm glad that I fee much better than few months ago. So I used my time to manage my "postpone" crafts boutique and make some drawings.Well, check out my crafts boutique below and you can download the above image and use it for your craft project :) Since I'm using Indonesian language so I added translation so you can choose your own language if you don't understand Indonesian. There's also shopping cart therefore you can purchase the items you need directly in there. I just hope it will run successfully :)

Plumeria Crafts

Now I have to go.. I still have to prepare dinner for my beloved hubby who's been fasting for the past eight days :) and then prepare myself for "sahur" the early breakfast tomorrow..

Thank you for your visit friends! Have a great day and Take care!

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  1. Congratulations, Ika!. I've been there. Hope the items are getting larger and larger. All the best, for the store as well as for your pregnancy...

  2. Thank you so much mbak Dwita for the wishes! Hope I can follow you path to have a lovely gallery like yours :)

  3. @Alicia: bisa sis di download, silakan ke untuk downloadnya.. atau saya imel juga bisa, alamat imel sis apa? info saya ya :) thq


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