Birthday Card for my beloved hubby! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello everyone! Hope you're doing well :)

Tonight I'm going to  upload one of my greeting cards which is made especially for my hubby who had birthday on last Saturday. The card as usual is a very simple one made of some scrap papers (oh yess I have tons of them at home! :)

Well, I only draw my hubby face on adobe illustrator program and used blue line instead of black.. I didn't do much editing so actually my hubby's face is a lot more handsome in real life than my drawing haha :D  
I gave this card to him at midnight at 00.01 exactly :D coz I want to be the first person who congratulate his new age :P at that hour we still had time to go to the nearest fast food restaurant and I bought him a small tiramisu cake and put the card beside it :) (Yep, don't be surprise we like to have some snack in the middle of the night :P). He was so happy with the drawing although I'm not sure if he really saw it or not coz we were kinda sleepy and hungry then :P

Anyway, the next day he said he likes the drawing, so it was a bit relieving for me :D but ofcourse he said that it would be better if I could made him looked a bit skinnier (believe or not I draw it from his photo three years ago before he gained weight!! :D) Well I don't care whether he's fat, skinny or whatever.. as long as he remains faithful, responsible and a true wonderful hubby that would be enough for me :) Although he wanted me to cook for him as a gift but I'd rather took him to have a candle lit dinner at a small restaurant (which a thing that we had not done for so long :) coz honestly I didn't have enough energy to cook for him that day :P

Happy Birthday once again sweetheart! May God will always protects you, may all your dreams will come true and may you will have everything that is the best! Love you much!

Thanks for reading everyone :) See you later!

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