Happy Galungan and Kuningan Day for my Hindu friends! :)

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hello all,

I'd like to say Happy Kuningan Day to all my Hindu friends in Bali! 
May peace be upon you always! :)

I actually made the above image to celebrate the Galungan Day too which was 10 days ago, but really sorry for being late to upload it.. It is mostly hang in every houses during the Galungan and Kuningan.. Kuningan Day is the day when the Gods leave the earth. It is believed that the God is leaving the earth by noon. Therefore, it is better for the Balinese to start their ceremony or prayer earlier in the morning and should finish it before noon. Mostly on Kuningan Day, they are not only celebrating it with having ceremony but also by relaxing and visiting family and friends.

I went out this morning and the road is very empty coz most Balinese people are returning to their villages or spending holiday out of town. Well, I just hope all of my friends are enjoying this special holiday!

Hmm, I have to go now coz I feel soo very sleepy. Just need to take a nap for few minutes! :)

See you later all and take care of yourself!

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