A gift for a special friend..

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Hello all,

My special friend is having a birthday and I decided to give her a necklace made by myself ofcourse :P 

She's a very strong woman, a single parent who is now fighting cancer. To me, her life story is almost the same as a novel, full of ups and downs and I honestly loves her and proud of her. She's still full of spirit and doing her work activity as many of us do. At the same time, treating herself with medical therapy every three months and being a mother of her teenage daughter.

I guess whatever I give means nothing compare to what she has gone through.. She deserves the best things in her life. I made her a special necklace and I chose black glass beads and combine with silver beads. Black represents strength in which I mean it to represent her spirit but not only that, I also wanted to make a simple but yet an elegant necklace just as her character, a strong and elegant character :)

This late afternoon I'm gonna meet her, I just hope that she will like it! *finger cross* :P

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thank you! your comments means a lot to me :)

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