Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hello all,

It's a bit late to say Happy New Year 2018 but better late than never, right? hehe.. 

I don't make any resolutions this year (and never made any last year :P). I only have a big "dream book" which is written in my mind and keep it in my heart. The list is getting longer every year and all I must do is to try my best to make my "dreams" lists come true :)  
One thing that I really hope for my blog this year is I will be more active to write and share more creations, stories, video tutorials et cetera, so my blog contents useful information and inspirations for you :) Wish me luck! :D

Yes, we all know that life can be tough. It is also not always as good as we expected to and that dreams don't always come true but it's best to just do what we have to do, go with the flow (as my friend said) and embrace everything that happens whether they're good or bad. 

Just remember to be optimistic and have faith that no matter what will happen this year, it will lead you closer to reach your goals or dreams.

So Happy New Year once again dear friends, I hope that you'll always be blessed with prosperity, happiness and love! 😘😘

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