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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hello! How's everyone doing? Great I hope! :)

Myself has been having unpleasant moments for the past few weeks. Well, in life there are the up and down moments and so I had that down moment unfortunately :P But hey, why complain, I'm still sitting here in front of my laptop, able to work, able to write whatever I want.. and that's something I should be grateful right? So I'm just trying to enjoy every good moments that I have while I still can :)

I haven't touched my sketch book for long time. Today, I just want to share a very rough sketch which I made yesterday :) I have to say I really need to learn more.. I drew this sketch from a photo I took few months ago.. I almost forgot that I have this one so then I decided to draw it on a paper.. I actually wanted to transfer it into a digital picture but hmm, I don't know if I have time to do it soon, so maybe later I will. For now, I'm just enjoying the result of my hand drawing.. although I know I still have to learn a lot! :)

I created the sentiment, it's just seems so simple yet meaningful (at least for me :P).
This is all for now, I write more later.. Now I'm off for dinner and then continue following up orders at my crafts boutique! :)

Take care!!!

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