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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Woowww.. I didn't realize that the last time I updated my blog was on August :P really sorry my friends! And I know I'm so late for new year's greeting etc. :P but however, I do hope that this year will bring us lots of success in life, love, health and wealth. And may all of your wishes will also come true this year. amen :)

hmm.. things that had been happened to me since my absency in here were that i kinda busy with my works -ofcourse :P, Lebaran holiday, worked on some wedding cards order, hospitalized for amoeba (not a cool disease! :P), then work -again-, Christmas holiday, vacation to Medan and Tangerang -my home town- followed by arranging my sister's wedding then all of the sudden new year just passed before my eyes!!!  time does fly by so fast! although I don't often updating my blog recently but as you can see I managed to change my blog skin hehe :)

Well, as a start for this year, I will introduce you a friend of my little aurora who was born few months ago :P So if Barbie has Ken then Aurora has Jupiter hehe.. Yes, this cute little boy posing with his bicycle is Aurora's friend named Jupiter.. I really love him coz he's so cute (I think :) If you love him too then just let me know your e-mail address and I'll send this image to you! free of charge! :)

Thanks for visiting me! now I need some sleep, so I'll see you soon, okay :)

Take care! Love you all. 
Oh, here's the cute little Jupiter :)

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