My new digi Cute Little Sunshine's face on a rose :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi All,

Have you prepared your Valentine's card design yet? 
Myself, I have created few digi stamps and here's another Little Sunshine image that I made :)

I was going to draw a rose flower only but then I ended up adding this cute baby face.. I don't know, what ever I do it seems I always see my baby's face :) Maybe this is how it feels to be a new mom!! everywhere you go, whatever you do, you always see that cute little face :)

I also created the sentiment and I hope the sentence is correct but if it doesn't then really apologize. If you like this image and want to use it, feel free to grab it on my crafts boutique. Click HERE to download it :)

Happy Crafting and hope you enjoy this digi :P

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thank you! your comments means a lot to me :)

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