wedding invitations made especially for my lovely sister

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello all.. tonight I'm uploading another wedding invitation. This is the special one as it was for my little sister's wedding which held in early January this year! I'm soo happy for her..  although the time given was very short which about less than ten days to create the cards but thank God I managed to make them all :) and frankly I was quite happy with the result hehe..

Yes as you can see I had some help from Mrs. Cuttlebug with her Victoria embossing pattern.. well well looks like she is now becoming my best friend :) I loovvveeee her so much and I'm sure so does my crafter friends who have her.. :) This wedding card again a simple one.. on the center I printed both groom and bride's name, embossed the upper and bottom side of the paper then put two ribbons on the center. Inside as requested by my sister, the wording is translated in English and French. And I printed the map location in separate little paper so the guests can bring it easily..

The last thing was that I made the envelope from velum paper (kertas kalkir) to give a soft and romantic look :)
Thanks again for visiting me and hope you'll enjoy it. Ohh, I've just finished making a valentine card, I'll upload it soon, okay! Now I really need to go to sleep :)

Take care all and hope you'll have a great day tomorrow! Love you!

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  1. Now you are a good friend of Mrs. Cuttlebug. She is a real helper, isnt she? Gorgeous invitation, Ka.

  2. Thank you so much mbak :) yes, I finally met her and she's a big helper although she has thrown away all of my coins :D I must try a lot harder to get them back :P

  3. keren banget mbak....
    tuh embossnya pakai CB???...
    warnanya yang soft bikin nuansa makin romantiiissss.....



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