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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello there :) how are you? hope life brings lots of good things for you today..

I've made a unique design yesterday for the upcoming valentine's day.. well, it's kinda early I know but it's a special order from a friend, so how can I resist her :)

This time I make a unique design by making a bit vintage touch but not too much.. Imagine you find old love letters of your great great grandfather or grandmother hehe.. anyway, I made this because I fall in love with the charm itself :P I printed out the script on a "strata" paper and then burned it to have a vintage result.. then put two leather ribbons to frame it :) Also not to forget, I made a post mark manually (coz I don't have post mark stamp yet :P) then I put that unique heart charm which is the most important part in this card :)  oohh If you'd like to use this charm on your project, you can get it on my little store :)

Hope you find this inspiring enough :) and Thank you for visiting me again!
Love you all.

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