Notes book from scraps of sticker label papers :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

HI Everyone,

Hope you're enjoying your weekend :) Mine is gonna be ended within few hours. I must say that this has been really exhausting weekend for me! I managed to clean all the mess at my house :P and found  stacks of scraps papers that I compiled with deep intention to use them all someday :P Well, I then took the time to use it at least for one project. So I ended up choosing label papers scraps. You see, when I made wedding invitations, I printed out the address of receivers on sticker label papers and I have many of them that were rejected because the results of the printing was bad or wrong. And as always, I didn't have the heart to throw them away as I can still use the back of the paper to write notes or even to make a sketch.

Then I decided to make a notebook out of these scraps sticker label papers for my weekend project :P as I didn't have much time to make it so I took a simple way by using the Microsoft Word program :) And below is the result.  The clipart and border are available on the word program and I put a sentiment from one of my quotes collections.


You can find a very easy and very simple tutorial to create the notes book cover on this link. A big thank you to Asma (AI Factory) who had requested me to make a tutorial! It's a great honor, dear! :) Oh, make sure you also check out other tutorials on AI Factory Graphic Blog, there are so many of them :) 

Sooo, back to these sticker label papers, next time if you have them, don't throw away, you can recycle them by using the back of the papers again as writing pad or sketch paper :) Okay, I'm off to bed now! Coz am so sleepy and my note book has filled with many things to do for the next six days hehe.. yeah, at least I have got something to do although my hands are soo tired :P

Thank you for reading all and see you soon! :) 
Warmest Hugs

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  1. wow, creative mbak....idenya mancaaaaap deeeh.....
    oya mbak tuh beli ringnya dimana ya?


  2. hehe.. makasih susan. idenya sederhana kok, ringnya beli di gramedia san :)


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