Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all of my family and friends!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and celebrated it with lots of love, joy and laughter!! :)
It's been quite long time since the last time I updated my blog. And glad to be back here again to wishing you a happy christmas :) You can feel the breeze of Christmas spirit since last month. Lights, flowers, green and red colors and all of those holiday theme are everywhere coloring this island with joy :)  This year I'm glad to give a friend my old small christmas tree as she needs it more than I do. Yes I do like christmas tree because I always love to see how people decorating it :) Although I don't celebrate christmas but I'm happy enough to see my family and friends are celebrating it peacefully.. and that's all that matters, right :)

Well, many things had happened to me for the past few weeks. Hmm, let's see: First, my work volume is increasing suddenlly :P and it has pushed me to postpone many of my personal plans which I regret. Second, I am sad to have to leave my DT task at AI Factory Graphics :( even if I enjoy my time there but I don't think I can fulfill the responsibility. I am very thankful to Asma the owner and other creative DTs with the chance they gave me. It was wonderful experience working with them! Thank you all and I'm gonna miss you so much. Third, my hubby and I have just finished moving all of our furnitures and stuff to the new house, the great thing is it's nearby the beach (well, not by the beach though :P only nearby the beach about 5 minutes drive with motorbike) and next week will be our first night to live there.. sooo excited :) And last but not least, I'm now in the mid of preparing a simple online craft store with a brand new name :P Actually I have missed my own deadline for this, but well, sometimes we have to put aside our priority for more other important things..  anyway, once it has finished I will surely tell you all about it :)

Those are at least few things that had happened to me. And although I am not a part of AI Factory DT now but I do suggest you to visit their site and join the challenges, you will not regret it as they have lots of great digital stamps etc. and you will learn a lot from the amazing creations of the DT :)

Ok, I'm off for now! Once again, happy christmas all and enjoy your holiday!

Hugs, Ika


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