Simple and Cheap Storage Idea

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hi friends,

This month is about storing my crafts stuff by using any kind of storage that I have. As you know, my crafts room is not fancy and I promise to keep all my crafts stuff as tidy as I can but with very tiny small budget and the most important thing is to be able to find what I need as quickly and as easy as possible :P

So, I finally have a storage for my ribbons at least for now until I can purchase the best one :) I'm using a SPICE RACK. Well, since I don't use this rack so I think it's best for me to use it as ribbon holder. And the good thing is that is has something like a small bars where I can slip each ribbons into it, and just pull it off whenever I need it. Ofcourse I still have to use my two hands to keep it in place so it doesn't fall out when I pull it. And I think it is also best if you can put a spacer for each ribbons so it doesn't pull off one another OR you can install a small stick to hold the ribbons.

As for my findings.. I have some findings, buttons etc. I decide to use CARTRIDGE STORAGE. I have been collecting this for months which I got from my previous office :) These are cartridge storage from Canon printer. It has small space that fits for small findings.. you can also paint them if you want but I prefer to keep it white. I put them in one container and since it has same sizes I can fill them in one container and put another container on top. The best thing is I can easily get it using my fingers or tweezers would be great too.

And lastly that all of you already know, is I'm using TAPE HOLDER to store my findings too. You can paint it or cover them in paper so it looks more attractive but for me, I just leave them as it is so I can write my finding codes on it and maybe later when I'm in the mood, I will decorate it :)

That's all and I'm off for a little trip to Ubud now with my family.
Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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  1. Way to recycle! You should see MY craft room, not fancy at all. Hey, at least it's neat!( or until the next craft project starts!)

  2. Hahaha.. I believe, all crafter's rooms are never neat Wendy Or it would only last for a day or two! :D


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