The ATCs from WCMD 2014 have arrived! :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hello friends, 

I finally received the ATCs of WCMD 2014 from Mbak Dwita at Paper Unique! Apparently, I am the 10th winner hehe and It really made my day!

Thanks to Mbak Dwita who had organized the event very well and great to managed almost a hundreds ATC! and thank you to all friends who voted for my card :) I truly appreciate it!

So here they are, some of the ATC from friends in Indonesia, each of them are gorgeous, beautiful and inspiring!

Enjoy the beauty of ATC, friends and have a great weekend! :)

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  1. oh dear what a lovely sets of ATC and lovely goodies too you must be over the moon to get this lovely package
    Senangnya ya Ika
    maaf kalau mbak Monik jarang mampir tp kalau mampir pasti aku borongan nanti comment ya Ika
    selamat akhir pekan dan see you maybe di blog aku kalau Ika ada waktu
    hugs, Mb Monika

    1. Yes mbak monik, they are all so lovely!! :) Gapapa mbak, aku juga akan sering2 main ke blogmu yaa.. happy weekend juga mbak dan goodluck for the birthday party challengemu yaaa!! hugss


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