Sunday Market at Segara Village Resort Sanur

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello friends,

I'm posting late post tonight from a Sunday Market Event that me and my friend participated back in August. It took place in Segara Village Resort in Sanur, Bali. 
The location was by the beach, so our booth is exactly by the beach in the resort area.

It was actually nice and cozy resort, especially for my daughter as they have children playground there. Many booth sell handicrafts, clothes, beverages etc. and also had acoustic band entertainment.

Me and my friend shared in one booth. The event was so okay and although we made some sales but generally it was quiet. From our point of view, the booth location wasn't in a strategic place for people to come and have a look. So I really hope that they can make a better booth layout and provide interesting program especially for children as Sunday Market is more about family hang out :)

Anyway, we did have fun and I was so happy that my hubby and daughter accompanied me for a whole day! Love them both so much. Here are some pictures that I managed to take. I couldn't take any picture in the afternoon coz our booth was being on the spotlight from direct sun light :D 
So really sorry if they are blurred as I took these when the sun was almost set and I had to rush to bring my daughter home coz she was so exhausted! :)

Thank you for reading this and Take care! :)

Our booth

My creations on the table with DIY necklace display made of cardboard :)

Some of my earrings collections made of cork

My friends creations.. they look so lovely! :)

My hubby and my daughter playing by the beach all day :)

Waiting for her mommy to pack up and went home! :)

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