Bali International Woman Association (BIWA) Bazaar 16 Nov 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello everyone,

Last week me and my friend joined another bazaar at Lottemart, Denpasar, Bali. It was held by BIWA for charity and the theme was BIWA X-mas Charity Bazaar. My friend and I shared one booth and since we didn't need large one so it was enough for both of us.

It was very hot day and we almost melted :P Glad we made some sales although not so big but at least we got back our rent stall money hehe.. I don't think people were interested to get out of their home as the sun really kills!! We kept on drinking water every few minutes coz if not, we'd probably end up at the hospital :P Here's some photos from the bazaar and I also got the chance to pack an order from my online customer :)

Thanks for reading my post! Take care :)

Packing an order from online customer

Stalls, so packed and crowd!

Our stalls :)

My display :)

Yes, now I made jewellery too hehe..

My friend, Yatic from Arropa Collection who shared stall with me :)

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