Jewelry made of Cork

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Hello friends,

I hope you're doing great! 
I'm happy that for the past few weeks I have some time to play with my cork sheet. And the result is that I am able to make new jewelry creations made of cork sheet. 

I love cork sheet very much. They create a natural, unique and ethnic look :) 
I manually cut them with scissors and cutter knife, I stamped it using ink and regular stamps then for the finishing I used ModPodge Dimensional Magic to keep it sealed and waterproof.

I'm glad they are now ready at my crafts boutique Plumeria Crafts.
I do ship worldwide and so if anyone abroad is interested then you can contact me directly for the details, and oh, payment can be made by Paypal too :)

Thank you very much and Enjoy your day!

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