Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello frenz :) this is another gift box cloth that i made, the material called ende cloth. i was so glad that one of famous furniture and accessories store in kuta is interested in my gift box ever since they saw it for my office project. Although the store don't accept supplier for boxes (since their products are mostly come in giant sizes such as wall decorations, tables etc :P) but still i appreciate that they will refer my name to their customers :) yipeee... 

now, i'm just keep trying to push myself to make more gift boxes :) 
more practice so i can have more clients hehe..
what do you think?? is my gift box worth to buy? :P 
don't hesitate to tell me! i'm open for any feedback and criticizm :)

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  1. Hi Ika!! Congrats on your new blog! What you do is rare, unique, and AWESOME!! Truly gifted! EH skrg buat Gift Box pula! Ada minimum ordernya Terus harganya mana nih untuk tiap2 product??? AKu akan bantu promosikan kamu ke teman2 yah!!

    BEE -

  2. bee.. thanks for your continuos support say :) iya gw bikin gift box juga tp prefernya yg pake kain tenun gitu tp yg kertas gw boleh lah hehe.. makasih dah si promoin ya. aku dah link blog yummy mu disini.. buset ternyata di deket2 rumah gw byk makanan lezat, sehat n murmer ya! thx to your blog bee! ulasannya detil dan menarik euyy! sukses terus buat loe yah!


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