Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is an image that i made for my niece around five years ago.. i have never get the chance to give it to her coz she passed away before her birthday came. I haven't done anything with this image yet, maybe i will make a scrapbook out of it.. but maybe i will just leave it as it is.. i don't know, it just feel  meaningless coz she's not gonna see it anyway ;) 
Well, I made it with my photoshop. I took my niece image and change it with the artistic tool in photoshop.. i think i chose the pencil tool here.. anyway, when i made it i didnt know what to call this technique.. All I did  was just changed the picture into something that i wanted :) 
So frenz, is this also can be called as digi stamp? or custom stamp? or digi image? if yes, then it means you too can make your own digital stamp at home with your own image, and that will be really cool!! :) 

Thank you for stopping by here! :)

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  1. Woow gambarnya keren banget Ka..mau dunk Images ini di jadiin digi Images cute Ka...hugs

  2. makasih mbak monik :) filenya kayaknya di laptop-ku yg ilang.. tapi ntar aku bikinin lagi ya.. fotomu aja gimana? :)

  3. Hello Ika,

    I like your picture very much. People who loved your niece would also love the picture. Maybe as a gift for those left behind.

    Your digi stamps are wonderful! Aurora and Jupiter are so cute!

    Linda from MGC yahoo group

  4. Hello Linda,

    Thank you for your sympathy. I actually have many picture of my niece that i want to modify and maybe it will be great to use it as a gift. But maybe I'm just not ready yet. It will only makes me reminded of her I think :)

    Thank you for the compliment too. I'll send my aurora and jupiter to you soon and hope it can be useful to you :)



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