Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'll take you to go back to thirteen years ago :P this is my drawing when i was on my last year of high school. Gosh, it was really long time ago!!! :) I like drawing when i was a little girl.. i created my own 'love story' comic book.. i spent hours just to draw a scenery.. i drew models from the magazines on my sketch book.. basically i loved the drawing process and i didnt care about the result :P But unfortunately there was time when i had to stop drawing at all. 

So then when i was in high school, my teacher gave a task to make a poster :P first, i had self doubt that i would ruined it reminding that i had not draw for years.. But my sister convinced me that i still can do it and that i just need to practice more.. so i grabbed the national geographic magazine and drew this eagle image form one of their articles. Well, the result wasn't perfect though but i kinda satisfied with it :) and at least i got the highest score!! :D 

I still keep it until now but not that i like my own drawing but it's mostly because it was a moment when i started to draw again.. and it felt really great!!! :)

Thank you for looking and reading this! :) really appreciated!

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