Monday, May 17, 2010

Hi there, sorry it takes time for me to update this blog, thanks to a useless internet provider! Anyway, i want to share this maroon gift box is which was ordered by my hubby's boss. 
She needed a gift box for her mobile phone gift, her idea was an elegant and simple gift box.
So voilaaa.. i made this for her :) 
Instead of using ribbon on the box cover, i used same type of cloth material as the gift box but with dark brown color.. i like it this way :) And inside i use small sponge to avoid the hand phone from getting scratched and put a small ribbon to tie it up. Although the person who ordered it said that it's so very nice but one thing that really bothered me was the fact that the box cover is two millimeter bigger than what i had calculated, i guess i should be paid more attention to details next time :p

thanks for visiting :)


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  1. kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeen Mbak......REALLY I LOVE THIS ONE too

  2. hehehe.. makasih ya susannn :) alhamdulillah berhasil bikinnya hehe..


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