Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This card is for one of my friend who had her birthday last week :)
It’s a very simple card and small one. Both front and back are hand painted with acrylic paint, colored with coloring pencils and pens then hand written the sentiment with black drawing pen 0.2. I gave few beads (clear and blue) to make it a girly style. Happy birthday dear friend and I’m glad you like this card!
and for those reading this, thank you for visiting!! really appreciated! :)

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  1. Ika, this is a pretty card.

  2. thank you so much mbak dwita :)

  3. ini juga cantiiiq....ika emang canggih,,apapun dari hati akan selalu cantiq..kaya yg bikin...salute..;)

  4. @Siyeni: wkwkwkwk.. tengkiuu mbak yenii yg cantik jugaa.. tp klo hati gw lg semrawut, hasilnya bakalan ga cantik :D


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