Friday, June 04, 2010

Hellloooo.. how ya doin’? :) I’m back again frennzzz.. ppfffhhh, it has been full days of works at the office recently! But anyway, let's forget about work for a while :) I'm here and I'm so excited to introduce you the sketches of my fresh, new and first digi stamp.. 
made by myself and I call this little girl character as “Little Aurora” :)

The inspiration was from all of my crafter friends who have been discussing about digi stamp. It gives me a challenge to create my own digital stamps. So based on my “self-taught “ drawing course :P I began to draw Little Aurora in few poses. I made them at midnight time, I hadn’t know how I ended up drawing these images  :P All I knew that I just kept drawing and drawing until I got tired hehe.. They may not seem so perfect but I’m very satisfied with the result of these sketches.. It is so meaningful because it gives me spirit to keep on practice my basic drawing skill :P

Anyway, once I have finished converting these sketches into digital stamp, I will upload them here and then you might get one of them you know! 
 Just wait, ok! :) 

Thank you for visiting!!

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  1. Cuuutte Ika....I cant drawing also 2 tumbs up for you...yaaay....first digi Images from Indonesian Lady...wohooo....Ika mau dijual di WEB ga say...hugs

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Kalau udah jadi smua..aku mau ya mba.Lucu2 soalnya.
    Maaf td aku ga sengaja commentnya pake user suamiku

  4. @Monika: thank you mbak :) i'm sure i'm not the first indonesian lady who made digi images.. i think there are many out there somewhere :) maunya sih dijual mbak, cuma ga tau gimana caranya ya? :)

    @Ayu: no worries ayu :) makasih ya. ntar kalo udah jadi akan aku info ya.

  5. kalau dah banyak Ika bisa aku saranin masukkan ke DDSB jadi sponsor aja dulu sapa tau jadi terkenal lalu ada yg mau beli gmn say...jualnya di MP apa di Blogger aja...hehe

  6. hehe makasih sarannya mbak monika, pasti aku pertimbangkan n insyaallah bs terlaksana secepatnya ya :) gmn atuhh jd sponsor DDSB? maluu juga, disana keren2 euyy produknya :) mgkn dua2nya mbak, mp n blogger hihih (kemarukan yahh :P)


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