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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello there..

I'm back again!!! Missing my blog so much.. I've been quite busy at work and been having migraine and cold since last week that had kept me away from my laptop :P Today I feel much better after my hubby gave me a  massage treatment yesterday!! :)

Now I just wanna show you the card I made for AI Factory Challenge which has started on Thursday last week and ended by tonight :P the theme was "Handmade by Me" which means we are using anything made by ourselves, it can be embellishments, papers etc :) I'm using the Ella Ballerina image from AI Factory which you can find here

For this theme, I made my own flower embellishment from yellow yarn. First, I draw the flower pattern on a paper and cut it. I applied glue on the pattern and covered it with yarn. I gave a small bead on the flower to make it sweeter.

~ Ballerina image - AI Factory, Flower embellishment (yellow yarn) - myself, Coloring - Prisma Coloring Pencils and Colorbox Ink Pad, Sentiment - myself ~

Please make sure you visit AI Factory Store to get so many wonderful images and of course they also have freebies digis as well! I have to go now but see you all soon!

Thank you soooo muucchhh for visiting me here! :)

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  1. Love your flowers - so very clever! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. Migrennya masih sering kambuh mbak??.....kelamaan tuh klo belajar or ngadep kompinya...hehehehee....

    Kartu yang cantik...suka banget ama cara bikin bunganya....lovely card

    big hugs

  3. @Anne: thank you Anne, really appreciated and yes, feeling much better now, thanks for caring :)

    @Susan: masih susan, klo udah kambuh kelenger dah :P makasih say! gmn kartu lebarannya udah kelar semua? :)

  4. Kartu lebaran hrs selesai satu mgg sblm lebaran mbak, wah jari ini sampe kriting beneran....abis ini mau pensiun bikin kartu mbak...rasanya kesemutan neeh...hihihiii...

    Sukses ya mbak utk DTnya...maaf, waktu susan utk ngeblog skrg nggak byk, jd paling cm sempet posting baru aja, dah nggak bisa buka2 blog temen2....


  5. @Susan: wahh hebat san, ngerjain kartu ratusan gitu, aku aja bikin setengahnya dah ngos2n :D sukses juga buat susan, gpp san, aku juga minta maaf, jarang buka2 blog susan & teman2, disini internetnya lambat bgt jd makan waktu utk browsing2 :( cm bisa via fb aja yg cepet!

  6. Lucu...girly sekali.....Lovi it so much!


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