Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello all, nice to be here again..

To be honest, i am sooo sleepy now as it's already 2 am here :P but while i have a little time, i decided to upload this Chinese New Year card which I made recently.. here i'm using some old coins which you can get from here :) And with a little help from Mrs.Cuttlebug and an embossing pattern from one of her Asian bundle! I also framed the coins using an origami paper.. the result is a bright card :) hope to be able to shine your new year.. 

Thank you for visiting me here and Happy Chinese Lunar Year!!

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  1. Ikaa keren amat siih aku malah belum punya CB Machine hehehe itu kamu bener2 jadi jagoan pemakai CB machine I love your creation dear...so original and clever :)

  2. makasih mbak :) iya neh gara2 ngeces2 mlulu liat CB machine hihi.. belum jagoan kok, pertama pake langsung aku coba di banyak media, ternyata seru banget euyy.. nanti akan aku kirimkan untukmu ya hasilnya :)


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