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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi Everyone!! Hope you had a great day today!

huffhh today i was absent from work and my language course due to heavy migraine and to take care of few personal things at home :P It's been very long day and exhausting too..  But somehow, I can't leave my sketch book so I continue what I had started yesterday, after taking some rest this evening I transferred my pencil sketch to the laptop..

I should have made it few weeks ago but I just didn't have enough energy :P So I'm wanting to enter my digi drawing on the CDAC Digital Drawing Contest this March and the theme is SPRING. If you like drawing or doodling, you can enter this fun contest by the latest March 31st. The winner will be picked by their members and have two levels, one is for professional and another is for amateur.. well, I choose the amateur seems perfect place for me :)
So here's my digi drawing for the contest inspired by my beautiful cats..

Well, I have to go to sleep now whilst I still have few hours to get rest before facing another hectic day tomorrow! Will write more soon, okay! Missing you all! Warm hug.. 

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  1. I love your kitties! I'm always looking for digital stamps of cats and dogs.

  2. Thank you Nancy :) really appreciate you like it! May I have your e-mail address?

  3. These kitties are really gorgeous. I love the image.

  4. Hi Alison, thank you very much! would be glad to share if you want to have it :)


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