Saka New Year 1933

Saturday, March 05, 2011

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Today is Seclusion Day or Saka New Year 1933 to Hindu people in Bali. Having been living in this island for few years, I find it always interesting to celebrate Seclusion day. All the lights in this island must be turned off from today at 6.00am until tomorrow morning at 6.00am. People are not allowed to get out of their houses. All television channels are also executed. Offices and Airport is closed and tourists are staying at the hotels. Ofcourse if you're ill then an ambulance can pick you up and bring you to the nearest hospital. So Bali will be dissapear from the map for one night :)

But all these are to make sure that every Hindu people can do their prayers peacefully. Myself,  as a non Hindu, I don't celebrate Nyepi Day but have always loved it. All I have been hearing since this morning is the sound of the wind and rain :) It is sooo peaceful!! And actually apart from the religious reason,s it is a time where the energy are saved! Well, at least for one day, millions people in one island altogether turning off their lights every year!! I'm not good at math :P but I believe it really saves lots of energy! :)

Anyway, I'm presenting this card for those who celebrates the Silence Day. iI's all black :) I'm using Canson black drawing paper, black ribbon, I draw small dots with silver pen, I made silhouette of  two temples, I printed out the sentiment on silver paper and cut it into clouds and gave some colorbox ink pad then I embossed the card with textile and organic flourish from Cuttlebug.

Well, I can't write much here as this is already 5 pm and 
I have to hurry to finish my posting before it gets dark :)

And to all my Hindu friends,
I'm wishing you a peaceful Silence Day and Happy Saka New Year 1933!


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  1. cantiiiiknya mbak kartu ini.....
    love it so much.....bener2 pas deh...


  2. tengkiu banget susannn yang baik :) iya ini hitaammm hehe


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