Celebrating New Year with a New family member :)

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Hi Everyone! How are you doing? Happy New Year to all of you! Did you have a great time celebrating New Year’s Eve last night? Well, I hope you did! Myself, I was at home celebrating it with my hubby and our new family member :) And here’s a little story I’d like to share with you;

About two months ago my beautiful baby girl was born on the day of Eid-ul Adha, Friday, 26th October 2012 in the afternoon after we had finished our Eid al-Adha prayers. We named her Savanna Aurora Jacinta Adha :) Quite long, yes,  because those words are from me and my sisters and since I thing those words are beautiful so I decided to use them all hehe.. Some friends have asked me what does the name means. So here’s the answer: It simply means a prayer that hopefully no matter where she goes and whatever she does, she keeps walking in the straight path, can survive, be successful and stay humble; she will stay happy, strong and positive all the time even if in the middle of any difficulties; she will be able to pass through any obstacles or bad moments that she may find in her life :) so yep, that’s all hehe.. As for her nick name, it’s still difficult for me to choose coz I love all those words but for now I call her Sava or Rara and sometimes Cinta :)

Sava was born with cesarean section, the first three days she had to stay in an incubator coz doctor said that her breath was so fast and usually it’s because she was adapting with her new world. As a new mom who doesn’t know much about this thing, I was so stress although the doctor said it would be okay but still it couldn’t keep me away from my fear. At the same time I received news that our beloved aunt passed away. It was terrible because I had never thought she would be gone so fast. I remember when I was a child she’s the one who used to babysitting me when my mother worked. And I even called her “Mommy”! So I was truly sad that she didn’t get the chance to hold Sava :( both these things had knocked me down a little but somehow I managed to stay calm..

Sava went home with me after we both spent two nights at the hospital. Sadly one week later she had to return to the hospital coz her body turned yellow which was not because she didn’t get enough sun bath every morning but because I didn’t produce enough breast milk. So again, she was observed at the hospital to have phototherapy for four days. And at home I’m working hard to produce more breast milk. Yes, I did everything I could by taking medicine and ate & drink lots of healthy food and water. Thank God that by the time she was released from the hospital I’m able to provide my breast milk :)
The first few weeks were a bit difficult for me to adjust my biological time with Sava! Yep just like every mother does in this world, wake up in the middle of the night, breast feed every few hours, bathe the baby or change diapers. So I was so glad when my mother came and stayed for few weeks to help and to babysitting Sava during my post-cesarean. My mom would be the one who did the laundry and cooking while house cleaning is done by a maid who comes every late afternoon. 

Unfortunately my  mother only stayed for two weeks at that time :P So when she returned home to Jakarta, I have to manage everything alone :P Sometimes on weekends, my hubby would babysitting Sava while I’m cleaning the house, doing laundry and cooking :P And on weekdays, I have to race with time every morning starting by doing laundry, cooking, preparing breakfast for my hubby (which sometimes I missed :P), bathing and breast feeding Sava. Every afternoon, evening and night and until the next morning again I’m busy with breast feeding, changing diapers, playing or singing lullaby for Sava :P and sometimes doing a little office work or following up order of my crafts boutique. And if I’m lucky enough I can make some sketches or cleaning up the mess in my crafts drawer (but for this I’m not that lucky yet :) Well, it was truly exhausting, time consuming but FUN at the same time! And honestly I’ve never thought that I can enjoy every moment of it :)
My sisters and our whole family are so excited with Sava’s presence! So last month, one of them flew from Netherland to visit us. She stayed for about a week to spend time with Sava as well as to help me with house work :) and on her last day in Bali, the four of us - Sava, me, my hubby & my sister - had lunch and spent a great time in a small café in Kuta to celebrate Sava’s “one month old birth-day”. Sava slept so peacefully in my sister’s arm for hours! She didn’t realize we took her to Nusa Dua beach and didn’t even wake up when we tried to feed her! She seemed to enjoy her first time trip :) Then, few weeks later, my mom and my two other sisters came from Jakarta and France to visit us too. This time we celebrated Sava’s “birth-day” with an “Aqiqah” (a Moslem celebration to welcome a newborn baby). It was a very simple celebration where we handed over the arrangement to an Aqiqah catering company to distribute the meat (and meals) to a local orphanage. So,we only asked for half of the meal boxes for our family and distributed them to several neighbors. It was really fun!! :)
Sava is only two months old now but she’s really fun to play with. She’s bigger, taller, heavier and smiles a lot! :D Her laugh, smile and cry seem to let us know that she understands what we say and what she wants. Her little feet so free to kick up and down and she love to lift and to move her body left and right. She also loves making little voices which sounds like Donald Duck :D The funniest thing is every time she wants to defecate, she will stretch down her arms and legs, her round eyes will wide open and her little mouth will make an O form and when it’s finished she will smile with satisfaction :) Her most favorite thing now is being carried and held in the arms :) She can stay in my arms for more than two hours to breast feed and sleep! When she wants to be carried, she will whine or cry and if I asked what she wants, she will answer by stretching her both little arms and when she is moved to the carrying cloth, her smile will rise and her tears will dry suddenly! :) But our most favorite thing is to kiss her chubby cheek :)

Now that my sisters have gone back to their homes but still they spend few hours either to chat with me through Skype, call by phone or just text message to see and ask about Sava. They said they don’t want to miss her progress :) I haven’t got a babysitter yet and we also afraid if we hire a stranger whom we can’t trust.  So my mother is coming to stay with us temporary to babysitting Sava while I’m working. This is also another problem for me where I’m hoping to take care of Sava myself but I also still need my job and run my crafts boutique at the same time. Well, I haven’t decided what I will do if I don’t get a babysitter yet. For now, I’m just enjoying my time taking care of Sava before I’m back to work next month. 

So, well, here we are now, embracing New Year by becoming parents! :) My hubby and I may not be perfect couple or parents :P And we don’t expect to have a baby this soon (well, actually not soon considering my age :P)! But whether we are ready or not, God has sent Sava and maybe He thinks that we are ready now :) And one thing for sure, Sava’s presence has made us want to change ourselves to be a better person! We will do everything we can to make sure she gets what she needs for her future. And I pray that my hubby and I is given the strength and ability to be a good parent for Sava and we hope not to let her down :) As Quoted from one of my sister’s facebook status:

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, 
while loving someone deeply gives you courage ~ Lao Tzu ~

I’m glad to finally finish this post to share with you as it has been in draft file for almost a week! Now, I’ve to go to change Sava’s diapers coz she’s been looking at me and making small voices to call me :)

Thank you for your patience for reading this post! 
And I hope this New Year will bring you lots of love, happiness, health and wealth! Amen. :)

See you!

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  1. Hi,
    Enjoyed reading about Sava and how you are enjoying motherhood. I want to wish you and your husband
    "Mazal Tov" which means Good Luck.
    It is nice that your mother and
    sisters have been able to enjoy
    Sava too. All the best in all your endeavors including happy crafting.

  2. Hi Jackie :) thank you very much.. All the best to you and your family too and especially hope you're having great time with your crafting!

    ika :)


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