Kahlil Gibran Quotes on Love Digi Stamp (Indonesian Language)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing fine :)

It's already 2 am here but I still can't sleep. So I decided to update my blog rather than watching TV that has no interesting program :P Well, as Valentine's Day is approaching, I have made some digital drawing / stamps!! I'm so glad that I have managed to make at least five digi stamps! They're not so perfect though but I hope you like them..

And here's the first one. It's taken from Kahlil Gibran quotes on Love but I'm using Indonesian language. I created and draw it using Illustrator program. Feel free to download it on my craft boutique HERE. But you must register before you can download it, really sorry for this, but it actually to prevent me from receiving all those disturbing spams :P

Well, hope this digi is useful to your project :)

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