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Friday, January 11, 2013

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing fine.

It’s been eleven days since we left 2012.. has anyone started to work on your resolution yet? As for myself, my resolution this year is simply is to finish my resolutions from last year and the years before hehe..
Well, as a start to welcome this new year I tidy up all the mess in my bedroom by purchasing a big drawer :) yes, I need a drawer to compile my crafts item.. And am so happy that I can see them all in good arrangement (although this is far from perfect)! Well, we moved to our house about a year ago and for now we only have two bedrooms: one is for our main bedroom and baby and another one is used by my mom which is also functioned as my crafts storage and my hubby’s bikes accessories. So we really have to make sure that everything is neat and organized and must be wiser not to purchase more items coz no more space for newcomer :P

I keep all my scrap papers and things in few different containers. I keep all gifts from my family and friends in a special box. I separate all scraps from magazines, old greeting cards, paper waste, paper wrap, blank paper, plastics etc into few containers. I hang CD-ROMs, ribbons, clear stamps and embossed folder collections thus to make it easier for me to find them. I put my scissors, crafts knives, stapler and those crafts tools in one open container so I can easily grab them all whenever I need. There’s a good thing to not have so many tools so I don’t need much space to store them hehe so for now, I’m still using empty jam bottles for coloring pencils and pens :) I keep all my small accessories such as charms, embellishments, buttons etc in closed plastic containers. Other materials such as dried spices (yes, I keep them too :P), pebble, snail shells and scallop shells are kept in closed bottles :)

What about my work space? Well, the floor is where I used to dance with my crafts tools :) I don’t have craft desk yet (which is still on my bucket list hehe) And that’s why I put all my tools on the bottom of the drawer so I can reach them easily. As for my work desk I’m still using our living room table beside our television and so every time we invite our friends in, I have to clear the living room and unplugged every cables before they come :) Thanks to my hubby who never complain about this condition hehe..

Now that everything seems so organized (at least from my point of view :D) I think I’m ready to embrace new year with new ideas and spirit! It’s always exciting when you’re looking at your crafts drawer and see those colorful materials is well organized! But of course, as you already know this will not last for days and that’s why I took this photo to memorized it :D So how about you? Have you organized your crafts drawer yet? If you haven’t then do it right away, take a photo and then enjoy the view before you mess it up again :)  

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  1. sudah....tapi nggak serapi punya mbak Ika... masih mencar-mencar sana-sini...hihihihiiiiiiiii.... maklum nggakpunya ruang khusus untuk nge-craft ciiih...

    Susan tunggu karya mbak Ika berikutnya ya, dah ada baby pasti makin semangat berkreasi....

    salam sayang dr malang

  2. hehehe.. samaa susan, aku jg ga ada ruang khusus ngecraft, ini aja di dlm kamar tidur n klo ngecraft masih melantai :P lagian kerapian ini bertahan cuma tiga hari, abis gitu ancur lagii :D ditunggu juga karya susan yang selalu indah ituu!! :) *hugs*


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