birthday card for a friend :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hello there!!! Glad to be back again.. it’s been a month since the last time I updated my blog :P 
yep, have been quite occupied with work so had to give up my blog for a while. But I did managed to make some cards for my closest friends ofcourse and made a sample of wedding invitation cards for a friend as well ..
And here’s one of the cards that I made recently for a friend who had birthday few weeks ago..  she’s very stylish person, and I decided to make this card. I painted the top left and bottom right angles with acrylic paint. On the center, I used yellow yarn for the background and made flower shape from blue beads and some wires. Quite fancy for my taste actually but somehow, I really like the result and most importantly I really hope she liked it! :) 

Thanks for visiting me again friend!! 

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  1. Kupukupukuning: Makasih mbak Jovita! gara2 aku punya benang ini segulung dan belum abis2 juga :P

  2. kuniiiing hmmm....i like it ceriaaa

  3. @Siyeni: hihihihi.. makasihh mbakk..


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