blue wedding card

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Again, it’s a wedding card for a friend made from scraps too :) the pic and quotes from a hotel advertisement as well but this time they came in blue color :) since I love the picture of the glasses on the table so much, 
I didn’t have the heart to throw it away :P so I used it to beautify my card.. 
I only added a sentiment (also from an advertisement) and a small white ribbon at the bottom of the card.. the type of the paper is metallic paper, so it’s a bit shinny but not too much.. so by adding this satin white ribbon made the card more elegant from my point of view :)

I hope my friend will like it and I hope you all like it too :)
Thank you for visiting!!

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  1. soo romantic Ika....sweet in blue...

  2. thank you mbak monik :) the photo makes so it romantic!


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