cute card for a friend

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This little cute card is for my friend who has been very helpful with my works :) I cut the flower images from my wrapping papers and put them together on this small card. I drew the sketch of a cute little girl with acrylic paint and colored it color pencil. I added flower ribbon on the bottom of the card and completed it with  a simple hand written sentiment on the right side :) 

I'm glad she loves this card.. well, I love this card too actually :)

Thanks everyone for looking! 

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  1. really cuuuuuteee...are you drawing the little lady there,hmmmm I bet orang yg terima pasti sukkaaa skl Ka...hugs

  2. thank youu mbak. yes, i drew the little lady hehe and fortunately, my friend love it very much :)

  3. cantiiq bangeed bu..kayanya sumringah gitu nih card,,

  4. @Siyeni: hihihi sumringah ceriahh yaahh. tengkiu mbak!


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